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Stop worrying about crime with CCTV that solves the problem of heat and image degradation

2018-03-14 10:03

The market for digital security surveillance systems is rapidly growing in recognition of the necessity of CCTV, which is the minimum accident and crime prevention tool for citizens.

Recently, a company that is leading the market have been attracting attention based on novel planning and differentiated system.

'JiinTech', a developer and manufacturer of CCTV systems, performs all tasks related to security solutions from software development to system installation by themselves.

Park Ji-hyun, the representative of JiinTech, said, "We are focusing on enhancing the value of the company while avoiding the usual business methods as women managers." And she introduced the company saying " We are also trying to raise the quality of products and reliability of the companies to consumers with trust management. "

As Park says, JiinTech, which has only been established for five years, is not easy to mass-produce because of its small size and difficult to produce small quantities of various kinds of products. So It is not easy to generate revenue with ordinary marketing methods for them. In this way, Jiintech transformed the marketing method in order to produce customized products with the request of the customer, and revolutionized the CCTV market. This approach has prompted JiinTech to improve the reliability of its products, and has become an opportunity to invest heavily in research and development.

At present, the main product of JiinTech is 'JH20M2i-P37', a pinhole IP camera, which combines high-resolution images of pinhole cameras applied to cash dispensers (ATMs) without degrading image quality.

The pinhole camera applied to ATM generally generates a lot of heat when the image quality is increased, and the image quality is lowered because of efficiency. JiinTech developed the pinhole IP camera and solved the heat problem by separating the image pickup part and the transmission part, and solved the image quality problem largely. This product is also recognized by CAPS, a leading security company in Korea, and will be installed in ATMs managed by CAPS from next year.

In addition, JiinTech does not hesitate to develop the technology by acquiring the patent by developing the dome camera combined with the outdoor housing, the monitoring system that integrates the image caption function and the road situation data collection function. In addition, technologies using renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, and hydro power are under development by them.

Ms. Park said that she has recently Increased the influence of company by obtaining contract for developing a self-generated surveillance system and installing a surveillance system for traffic safety facilities in the new Daegu Busan Expressway. She said “In the future, we will build a total security surveillance system company with technology advantage in domestic and global market based on technology value combining intelligence and humanity.”

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